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General Information

Territorial development

General Information

Last updated Nov 24, 2014

Ecopetrol sets itself the objective to:

Promote collective processes of territorial development

Ecopetrol is committed to participating in the creation of favorable development conditions that benefit both society and the community, as well as the company. Similarly, Ecopetrol S.A. has an obligation to promote social and institutional platforms that allow regions to continue their development processes once the lifetime of the projects and operations comes to end. Consequently, work is done to:

  • Promote and participate in social and institutional platforms that strengthen regional development, contributing to the creation of social capital and the empowerment of regional actors.
  • Promote intersectoral collaboration and be part of partnerships and social and institutional networks.
  • Promote and participate in the design and implementation of public policies and in the planning for the sustainable development of communities.
  • Promote synergies, the creation and transfer of knowledge and capacity building amongst regional development actors.
  • Frame the company´s social investment programs in processes of long-term territorial development, taking into account the priorities of communities, and aligned with the business strategy.