Productive Capacities
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Regional Competitiveness

Productive Capacities

Last updated Nov 24, 2014


Generate productive capacities in the territory based on training people, strengthening of production units, business consolidation and income improvement, by promoting development processes in the regions, taking advantage of regional potential and the initiatives of all actors.


The productive capacities program comprises the following components:

a) Production linkages
b) Strengthening local microenterprise

a) Production Linkages: 

Specific Objectives:

  • Generate production capacities in order to consolidate Sustainable Development Centers (Núcleos de Desarrollo Sostenible - NDS) in the territories.
  • Train and certify local human talent in productive capacities.
  • Consolidate productive units and enterprises and improve the income of families, such that local economies are strengthened.
  • Reduce the impacts generated by the industry related to the disincentivation of the territory´s production vocation, generating principles of autonomy within producer organizations through processes of self-management, self-determination, self-knowledge and self-financing.
  • Participate in guiding public policy generated at the national and regional level, and strengthen local initiatives at the village and municipal level so as to promote convergence of national and community interests towards the definition of strategic development proposals within the regional competitiveness line.

b) Strengthening Local Microenterprise:

Specific Objective:

  • Create decent employment and stimulate local economic activity through support to micro, small and medium local enterprises in order for these to attain quality standards and become more productive and competitive, while strengthening the supply and distribution chains for the territory´s economic activities.

Main partners: