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Education and Culture


Last updated Nov 24, 2014

Overall Objective:

Promote institutional programs for educational retention, quality and coverage, to form the basis of citizenship and democracy, training for work and competitiveness. 

Specific objectives:

  • Promote school access and retention becoming engrained into the strategic programs of the Ministry of National Education: Sexual and Reproductive Health, Environmental Education and Training in Human Rights and Citizenship.
  • Build partnerships to promote educational quality and access.
  • Promote discussion of public policy on education in order for it to be more efficient, universal, relevant and innovative.
  • Promote the reduction of illiteracy in Ecopetrol´s areas of influence.

Main Partners:

  • Ministry of National Education
  • Education departments at the departmental or municipal level
  • NGOs expert in the field of education
  • International cooperation NGOs expert in education
  • Empresarios por la Educación (Employers for Education) (stage for educational policy discussion and public-private cooperation)

Illiteracy Eradication Program in El Centro, District of Barrancabermeja, Santander