Citizenship Participation and Public Management
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Citizenship and Democracy

Citizenship Participation and Public Management

Last updated Nov 27, 2014


Promote development processes with a regional vision through citizen participation and strengthening Public Management within the context of respect and promotion of Human Rights.

Specific objectives:

  • Strengthen institutional public management through projects aimed at strengthening the management of territorial entities, the ability to design and manage strategic projects, state contracting, as well as the generation of links between the various territorial entities and communities.
  • Promote best practices of citizen participation through the strengthening of citizen oversight committees that enable public resources to be monitored.
  • Strengthen leaders and communities through strengthening organizations such as the Community Action Boards, which are social organizations on cross cutting issues for the exercise of their rights and duties, as well as the guarantee of human rights.
  • Promote citizen participation settings through the promotion and coordination of society´s interests through community-company settings, local vision settings, and regional vision settings where community projects and visions are managed at the various levels.

Main partners:


  • Local institutions: Mayor´s Offices, Provincial Governments, Departments.
  • Observatories and research centers.
  • Local control Bodies: Citizen oversight committees.
  • Community Action Boards.
  • Public and Private Academia
  • Peace and Development Programs.
  • National Planning Department.
  • Development Projects Financial Fund - FONADE
  • Local and regional business owners
  • Municipalities Associations
  • Colombian Federation of Municipalities
  • Colombian Federation of Departments
  • World Bank
  • Inter-American Development Bank - BID
  • Universities

    Training of dignitaries and leaders of community organizations in the Colombian Caribbean

    Education and training in community law and the design and development of projects, for community leaders in Tibú, Norte de Santander