Clients and suppliers registration
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Clients and suppliers registration

Last updated Jan 27, 2015

Companies willing to enter in crude oil and refined products trading contracts with ECOPETROL, must be duly registered in our Database of Buyers and Suppliers of Crude Oil and Refined Products.

The following preliminary information is required through e-mail sent directly by the potential customer/supplier in one consolidated document:

  • Name, operating street address, e-mail, phone numbers, web page, official and direct contacts. Accuracy of this information is critical for our research and for our qualified research agencies.
  • History of the Company and its role in the oil market (trader, broker, refinery, integrated, agent, etc)
  • Description of parent and/or affiliates/subsidiaries, if apply, and its credit and/or operational relationship with the interested company
  • Hydrocarbon trading and shipping experience: type of products, volume per day, list of customers and/or suppliers, operational profile.
  • Crude or refined products and volume your company is interested in buying/selling from/to Ecopetrol.
  • Sentence stating that all the information for the registration process in Ecopetrol has been known, including General Conditions for F.O.B. sales, Ports, Crude and Refined Products Specifications, which is available in our web page Castilla Blend

Ecopetrol will only consider companies with a wide experience in the oil market and currently handling much more volume per day than the one to be potentially negotiated with Ecopetrol. This requirement is mandatory from the current Ecopetrol´s Policy for International Trade Registration. It will be investigated deeply through qualified third parties and confirmed by an exhaustive analysis of the audited financial statements. The experience of the corporate body will not be replaced with the company´s personnel experience.

Colombian companies will not be considered.

If the above requirements are fulfilled the audited financial statements and commercial and bank references should be sent in writing. Ecopetrol will not take companies into consideration if financials cannot be provided.

If you wish to have information related to our crude oil and refined products specifications, port restrictions or General Conditions of Sale please click on the following link: 
Castilla Blend

Companies interested in being part of our Database do not need any intermediary agent or broker. Ecopetrol does not pay any brokerage or commercial trade commission.

Information must be sent to