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Petroleum Newsletter

Last updated Nov 27, 2014


Bye - bye WTI?

Since the beginning of this year, the WTI, the benchmark for a good part of the crude oils traded in the West, is becoming disconnected from the market due to logistics constraints. The Brent, the marker for crude oil futures traded on the London stock exchange has great liquidity in the physical market and serves as the benchmark for 65% of the crude oil shipments traded in the world.

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The Re-conquest of the West

Ecopetrol is advancing a campaign of almost US$ 800 million in ten blocks to find new sources of heavy crude in the already emblematic hillsides of the Cordillera Oriental and inside the plains. At the front are Quifa, Caño Sur and CPO9. 

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State take x-ray

Colombia now produces more than 1 million barrels of oil equivalent per day. 90% is extracted from fields discovered based on the association systems in force up to 2003. The other 10% is extracted based on the modern concession system.

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Ecopetrol and revaluation, more myth than reality

Unlike what happens with other exporters, Ecopetrol does not monetize all the resources it receives for its foreign sales. 
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Race against the Clock

Ecopetrol, its partners and other oil producers in Colombia have been making investments since 2008 for more than US $2 billion to increase crude transport capacity in pipelines, storage facilities and even tank-truck unloading platforms. These are the results and the challenges of the Crude Evacuation Plan for 2011 and beyond.
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Bonus Sprint... Check!
No. 122

Ecopetrol´s production started out 2010 like a locomotive. All the indications are that December will verge on 650 thousand barrels of crude equivalent per day. These reports go with the excellent news revealed early on in the year that new bonus sprints have been set in the race for one million barrels as regards reserves.
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Taking Peru
No. 121

With the creation of its affiliate, Ecopetrol del Peru, the purchase of 50% of the Offshore International Group, and its recent entrance into the Lima Stock Exchange, Ecopetrol has demonstrated that it is interested in long-term business with its brother nation.
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The debut of the iguana

When entering a listing in New York, Ecopetrol´s share gives a step in the conquest of new investors and consolidates the internationalization strategy of the company
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Ecopetrol´s brand

In fulfilling 57 years, Ecopetrol recorded increases in its operating figures, its consolidated financial position and the iguana as its image nationally and internationally.
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¡In action!
Carta Petrolera No.118

The latest Edition of the Carta Petrolera magazine includes Ecopetrol´s 2008 investment plans, as well as all the details of the IPO process developed last year.

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The New Ecopetrol

The green iguana from the spanish "iguana verde", integrates energy, movement, universality and growth. It is the symbol of the new corporate identitity of Ecopetrol.
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In the way to 2011

Ecopetrol gave this year definitive steps to turn itself into a world class company.
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