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n its quest to become one of the most important oil companies

Our talent


Last updated Nov 12, 2014

In its quest to become one of the most important oil companies in Latin American and the world, at Ecopetrol we are convinced that we have to have the right talent to achieve this goal. Therefore, the management of individual performance is focused on maximizing the contribution of each worker based on the business strategy.
In doing so, we provide the technological resources and the development actions required for each collaborator to achieve their personal and labor goals. This allows us to identify the high-potential talent and, at the same time, recognize the staff that stands out for their outstanding results.
As part of the commitment, each collaborator defines an individual performance agreement that measures their management and contribution to the strategy. The tool also measures their organizational and leadership skills.

To Ecopetrol, the successful performance of leaders and collaborators is the combination of the achievement of results, the development of organizational and leadership skills and the fulfillment of the development plan.

That is why we work to ensure the alignment between individual performance plans and the goals of the Companies different areas and businesses.


  • Performance Classification Model: Based on individual results and those of the organizational areas, there are performance evaluation committees to classify workers levels as high, satisfactory or low.
  • Results 2011:


  • Assurance: Following classification, Ecopetrol applies strategies of development, recognition, raises in salary based on merit and other administrative actions depending on workers´ level of performance.