Urgent Care
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Medical or dental emergencies

Health Care Services

Urgent Care

Last updated Nov 26, 2014

Medical or dental emergencies

  • How to access medical and dental services in case of an emergency
  • Go to the health-care establishment nearest you (see list of Network Providers ).  
  • If you do not know where to go, call the Health Care Contact Center (in Bogota 2345000 or 018000-918418 in the rest of the country, option 4-0-2 or 5/2) and request information on the establishments that provide emergency care.
  • Before leaving, make sure you have your valid Ecopetrol health insurance card and your identification, or that of the guardian if the patient is a minor.
  • After the fourth time you are attended through the emergency room, you will be required to make a 4,500 peso co-pay.
  • The amount of the co-pay will be returned to you if you are hospitalized, or if the consultation requires a medical procedure (performed by the general practitioner or a specialist), or when you are required to remain under observation.
  • Remember that the co-pay does not apply for the children of workers or retirees, nor is it necessary when seeking care for a work-related accident.

Types of Urgencies

  • Critical Urgency:  these are sudden, serious and unpredictable conditions that imply imminent danger to the patient´s life. For example: heart attack or multiple trauma, among others. For these cases the health care center will be selected based on the required resources.
  • Non-critical Urgency: sudden conditions that require treatment but do not endanger the life of the patient. For example: a simple fracture, tonsillitis, the presence of a foreign body in the eye, etc.  The clinical decisions required to resolve the condition will be made in emergency services. 
  • Non-Urgent Condition: the health needs of the patient, usually old, who wants care by emergency services, although this is not the appropriate way to do so.  For example: foot fungus or termination of outpatient medication, etc.  In these cases, only a medical assessment will be made and the patient will be referred to his/her family doctor.

Ambulance Service 

To facilitate access of the workers, retirees and their beneficiaries enrolled in the ambulance service, below is the procedure to be followed in accordance with the type of medical care.

Hospital Care 
In this case, the corresponding Ecopetrol or outsourced hospital will make the arrangements and ensure the delivery of ambulance service to the Company beneficiary, either to be transferred to another hospital, intermediate care, to a center for diagnosis or home. The above will be based on the clinical prescription of the attending physician.

Hospital Care 
If the Ecopetrol beneficiary is not in a hospital or similar institution, he/she can make use of the ambulance service in the following cases, as required:

For "scheduled" transfers during business days and hours
 the patient should contact the general practitioner assigned to the beneficiary (staff or outsourced) or Ecopetrol´s local health care service unit.  There, they will verify the relevance of the request and issue the respective order for the service to be provided by the institutions contracted by the Company in town.

True emergency situations at any time of the day

  1. The patient or his/her family member can directly request the ambulance service from a provider whether it is assigned or not. We recommended using Ecopetrol´s network to facilitate the subsequent paperwork.
  2. If the patient or family member requested the service directly , they will be required to pay the respective entity and then file a request for reimbursement. In this case, the patient or family member will ask the assigned general physician to issue an order for the ambulance service, which will be issued the relevance of the request is confirmed. In addition, the professional will provide guidance as regards the paperwork to be completed in order to make the reimbursement.
  3. If the service was not required, that is to say, in the opinion of the physician, the request was not warranted, the professional will refrain from issuing the order and also clarify to the patient that the cost of the service provided will be assumed directly by the patient or by his/her family.

Other ways to access ambulance services

In the services provided directly (Barrancabermeja, Orito, Centro and Tibú) the ambulance must be requested from the respective department.

Remember that you can also use the ambulance services of:

  • The health care establishments in the local public network
  • The urgent care centers in the different cities where they have been established.
  • Active network of AMBULANCE service providers
    Barrancabermeja: 6208662, 6208912, 6208909 
    Barranquilla: 132
    Bogotá: 123
    Bucaramanga: 125
    Cartagena: 132
    Cali: 5542569, 5542927, 5144000
    Cúcuta: 123
    Medellín: 123
    Neiva: 8703096, 8706633, 8702277