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Ecopetrol, in partnership with Colciencias, seeks to unite efforts between academia, the State

Mechanisms for the Promotion of Science and Technology

Research Calls

Last updated Oct 15, 2014

Ecopetrol, in partnership with Colciencias, seeks to unite efforts between academia, the State and the company, to:

  • Strengthen research capacity, technological development and national innovation in the country´s institutions and research groups on issues in the exploration and production of hydrocarbons
  • Reduce the technology gap between Colombia and leading nations, generating greater competitiveness
  • Promote the creation of partnerships between national and international research in order to address the company´s scientific and technological needs.

In 2010, ten proposals were declared eligible in Call 531 from Ecopetrol and Colciencias. The topics focused on the development of robotic technology oriented towards oil exploration of the Colombian seabed, computer systems to improve seismic imaging in complex areas, development of methods and models to identify oil-generating source rocks, and advanced techniques to increase the recovery factor in heavy crude fields and mature fields of conventional crude oil, among others. 

The projects selected, out of a total of 22 that entered, comprise the Bank of Strategic Programs with initiatives for research, technological development and innovation in the area of hydrocarbons. The selected proposals were submitted by research groups from the following universities: Pontificia Bolivariana de Medellín, Nacional de Medellín, from Antioquia, Industrial de Santander, from Pamplona, from Caldas, Los Andes, Corporación Geológica Ares and Instituto Tecnológico Metropolitano. Projects seek funding ranging from 1,000 million to 8,000 million pesos, of which Ecopetrol will contribute 60%, with the remaining 40% contributed by Colciencias. The results can be viewed at the following link