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These are the investment projects in Research, Development

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Research Projects

Last updated Oct 17, 2014

These are the investment projects in Research, Development and Innovation (R + D + i) being conducted by the Colombian Petroleum Institute.

  1. New refining systems: Seeks to develop knowledge, tools and technologies that will allow Ecopetrol´s refineries to meet the objectives of increased conversion, increased diesel, fuel oil reduction and improvement of fuel quality.
  2. Escalation of the deasphalting process developed by Ecopetrol: Aims to escalate the deasphalting technology developed by Ecopetrol to demonstration plant level, as a new business opportunity.
  3. Petroleum systems in convergent margins. Colombian Caribbean Case: Aims to develop new concepts to enable understanding of the factors controlling the temporal distribution of sediments; the main controls on the properties of source rock, reservoirs and seals; and discovering the relationship between the formation and accumulation of methane hydrates in the Colombian Caribbean margin.
  4. Assessment of the potential of heavy crude oil in the Llanos Basin: Its target is to evaluate the potential of heavy crude oil in this basin based on comprehensive understanding of the petroleum system.
  5. Acquisition and application of technologies for offshore operations: Seeks to acquire, develop and strengthen technical expertise in the Colombian Petroleum Institute to support offshore field exploitation operations.
  6. Chemical injection processes in the Dina - Cretáceo and Tello fields: Seeks to evaluate chemical recovery technologies (injection of gels and polymers), through pilot testing in the Tello and Dina fields.
  7. Assessment of Tar sands potential in Colombia: Its objective is to asses the potential of oil sands resources in Colombia, using exploratory methodologies and concepts generated in the project, in order to analyze the possibility of incorporating a new source of unconventional hydrocarbons into Ecopetrol´s portfolio.
  8. Chemical recovery processes in the Yariguí - Cantagallo fields: The target is to secure a technological strength within Ecopetrol in the design and implementation of chemical recovery processes to increase the ultimate recovery factor.
  9. Petrochemicals: Seeks to develop knowledge, tools and technologies that will allow Ecopetrol to meet the objectives of petrochemical production in the 2008-2020 scenario.
  10. Advanced biofuels research: Aims to identify, adapt and/or develop new technologies and business opportunities in advanced biofuels for Ecopetrol, using biomass.
  11. Multicomponent 3D and 4D seismic reflection: This project seeks to develop methodologies that leverage the information on P and S waves obtained from seismic acquisition campaigns, for the identification of fluids and the characterization of potential reservoirs.
  12. Chronology of the structures in Sub Andean basins: Aims to study and identify the different development phases of the basins located front of the fold belts of the Colombian Andes, in order to develop new exploration concepts that would make it possible to reduce uncertainty and increase the success factor in Ecopetrol´s prospects.
  13. Air injection pilot in the Chichimene field: The target is to evaluate the technical-economic feasibility of an enhanced oil recovery method to increase the ultimate recovery factor in the T2 formation of this field.
  14. Seismic processing center for research: The objective is to increase the processing capacity of seismic data and attribute analysis to 200 Million seismic traces/month to enable research in 3D seismic programs.