Competitive Advantage
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Within its strategic framework, Ecopetrol defined that towards

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Competitive Advantage

Last updated Nov 13, 2014

Within its strategic framework, Ecopetrol defined that towards 2015 it will have developed a competitive advantage in the Integrated Management of Heavy and Extra Heavy Crude Oil, in order to generate a differentiating factor in the hydrocarbon industry, strengthening the technological capabilities that are required, some of which it has been incorporating into the Company´s operating and productive processes. 

Specifically for heavy crude oil, capabilities are being developed in: 

Business Technological capabilities
Production Treatment of heavy crude oil
Optimization of lift systems
Design of collection systems
Technologies for improving the quality of the crude
New tertiary recovery systems
Transportation New types of diluents for the transportation of hydrocarbons
Modeling of the best blends of crude
Refining Modeling of refining processes
Processing of heavy fractions