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The mission of Vice Presidency of Exploration is to "Direct the exploratory

What We Do

Exploration brief

Last updated May 28, 2015

                                                               Bollette Dolphin, Calasú y Kronos wells, Colombian Caribe, january - agost 2015.
                                                                                                                                                                                  Picture Anadarko

Exploration is responsible to incorporate, with its partners, the contingent resources of Ecopetrol. Next, Development and Production evaluates and converts them to proved reserves, delimits the fields and explodes. 

This Vice Presidency coordinates the portfolio and the exploratory strategy of the Ecopetrol Grupo Empresarial (GE) companies. It also evaluates the new exploratory ventures around the world and gives its technical and economic concept to the Executive Vicepresident for signing each new exploratory business.

It matures onshore and offshore prospects in the geological basins of its operation within and outside Colombia and interacts directly with the national agencies of energy resources or hydrocarbons of the countries in which GE operates in what has to do with the fulfillment of the commitments in the technical evaluation plans and exploration plans in the contracted assets.

As part of the GE Strategy 2030, Exploration is challenged to build and manage a robust and diversified portfolio, with fast rotation capacity. A portfolio to keep above 100% the equivalent reserves replacement rate (146% now) and the current levels in their average life (8.6 years now).