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SEC Filings


Last updated Dec 2, 2014

To see Ecopetrol´s Press Releases click on the following link: Press Releases

If you require a printed copy of the 20F, you may order it by sending an email to investors@ecopetrol.com.co including the following information: First Name, Last Name, Company, City, Country, Address and Email

Informes SEC 2014

Octubre 31-2014
Ecopetrol Announces Its Results for the Third Quarter of 2014

Octubre 22-2014
Ecopetrol clarifies and presents additional information to what was originally disclosed in the Form 20-F.

Octubre 14-2014
Ecopetrol Receives Authorization to Begin Divestiture of its Shares in Interconexion Electrica S.A. (ISA)

Octubre 3-2014
Ecopetrol Announces New Vice President for Legal Affairs

Septiembre 10-2014
Ecopetrol S.A. Appoints New Vice President of Exploration 

Septiembre 9-2014
Recent Developments

Septiembre 9-2014
Interim Unconsolidated Financial Statements, June 2014

Septiembre 9-2014
Ecopetrol Reports on the Authorization Received to Issue Bonds in the International Market

Septiembre 5-2014
Composition of Ecopetrol S.A. Board of Directors

Septiembre 4-2014
Ecopetrol Reports on the Authorization Received to Manage Bond Issuances in the International Market 

Agosto 25-2014
Ecopetrol and the USO and Adeco unions agree on new 4 - year collective bargaining agreement

Julio 31-2014
Ecopetrol Announces Its Results for the Second Quarter of 2014

Julio 24-2014
Ecopetrol and Pacific Rubiales Announce Decision Concerning the Quifa SW STAR Pilot Project

Julio 23-2014
Grupo Ecopetrol Submits the Top Bids for 5 Blocks in Round Colombia 2014

Julio 17-2014
Information on the STAR Project

Julio 3-2014
Ecopetrol S.A. creates a new subsidiary and reaches an agreement to participate in the exploration of two offshore blocks in Angola


Mayo 20-2014
Interim Unconsolidated Financial Statements, March 2014

Mayo 20-2014
Ecopetrol Reports on the Authorization Received to Issue Bonds in the International Market

Mayo 20-2014
Recent Developments

Abril 30-2014
Ecopetrol Announces Its Results for the First Quarter of 2014

Abril 25-2014
Ecopetrol files 20F 2013 SEC Annual Report

Abril 16-2014
Ecopetrol Reports on the Authorization Received to Manage Bond Emissions in the International Market

Abril 16-2014
Response to a Communication of the Financial Superintendency Office of Colombia

Marzo 28-2014
Ecopetrol continues to grow in the deepwater U.S. Gulf of Mexico

Marzo 26-2014
Ecopetrol appoints External Auditor for the fiscal year 2014

Marzo 26-2014
General Shareholders Meeting announces its decision on the composition of the Board of Directors

Marzo 26-2014
Dividend approved by the Shareholders Meeting of 2014

Marzo 12-2014
Ecopetrol S.A. makes reference to the 6-K that it filed on September 11, 2013

Marzo 3-2014
Ecopetrol adopts measures to guarantee the adequate representation of shareholders at the 2014 General Shareholders Meeting

Febrero 25-2014
Ecopetrol S.A.´s Board of Directors Approves Earnings Distribution Proposal for Fiscal Year 2013

Febrero 25-2014
Ecopetrol´s Proven Reserves for 2013

Febrero 25-2014
Ecopetrol Announces Its Results for the Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2013

Febrero 24-2014
Ecopetrol S.A. Board of Directors Approves Membership of Committees

Febrero 24-2014
Annual General Shareholders Meeting of Ecopetrol S.A.

Febrero 5-2014
Ecopetrol Discloses Minority Shareholder Agreement

Enero 28-2014
Ecopetrol Responds to a Request by the Colombian Financial Superintendency for Information on STAR Technology

Enero 27-2014
Decisions of Ecopetrols Board of Directors

Enero 23-2014
Composition of the Board of Directors

Enero 13-2014
Disbursement of EximBank Long-term Credit

Enero 13-2014
Ecopetrol adopts measures to guarantee the adequate representation of shareholders at the Extraordinary Shareholders Meeting

Enero 9-2014
Ecopetrol´s Extraordinary Shareholders´ Meeting