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SEC Filings


Last updated Dec 2, 2014
Form 20-F - 2012
Corporate Governance Differences
  To request a hard copy of our 20-F report email us at: investors@ecopetrol.com.co
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December 6-2012
General Shareholders´ Assembly elected Jorge Gabino Pinzon Sanchez as member of the Board of Directors
December 14-2012
Ecopetrol Group´s Investment Plan to be US$9,549 million for 2013
November 22-2012
Ecopetrol adopts measures to guarantee the adequate representation of shareholders at the Extraordinary Shareholders´ Meeting 
November 22-2012
Ecopetrol´s Extraordinary Shareholders´ Meeting
October 17-2012
Ecopetrol submits top bids for 12 blocks in Round Colombia 2012
October 29-2012
Ecopetrol announces its results for the third quarter and the nine-month period ended September 30, 2012
July 14-2012
Board of Directors of Ecopetrol authorizes transfer of shares to Cenit Transporte y Logistica de Hidrocarburos S.A.S.
July 24-2012
Ecopetrol announces its results for the second quarter and first half of 2012
June 15-2012
Ecopetrol creates a subsidiary specialized in hydrocarbon transport and logistics
June 25-2012
Ecopetrol to increase its presence in the deepwater U.S. Gulf Coast (Gulf of Mexico)
May 4-2012
Ecopetrol filed response to suit brought by group over Cucuta incident
May 11-2012
Financing assured for phase 1 of Bicentenario Pipeline
May 22-2012
Changes in Board of Directors´ Committees
April 30-2012
Ecopetrol Announces Its Results for the First Quarter of 2012
April 30-2012
Ecopetrol files 2011 SEC Annual Report
March 22-2012
External Auditor for fiscal year 2012
March 22-2012
New arrangement of the Board of Directors 2012
March 22-2012
Dividend approved by the 2012 Meeting of Shareholders
February 6-2012
Ecopetrol Announces Minority Shareholder Agreement
February 15-2012
Ecopetrol S.A. Announces its Fourth Quarter and Full Year Results for 2011
February 20-2012
Annual General Shareholders´ Meeting of ECOPETROL S.A.
February 21-2012
Ecopetrol´s Board of Directors approves dividend distribution proposal for fiscal 2011
February 22-2012
Payment date corrections. Ecopetrol S.A. proposed dividend distribution for fiscal 2011
February 27-2012
Ecopetrol adopts measures to guarantee the adequate representation of shareholders at the 2012 General Shareholders´ Meeting

January 2-2012
Ecopetrol S.A. Announces Issuance of a Guarantee of the International Financing Operation for the Expansion and Modernization Project of the Cartagena Refinery.

January 31-2012
Proven reserves of Ecopetrol Corporate Group increased by 8.3 % in 2011.