2007 Issue
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2007 Issue

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2007 Issue

Last updated Nov 28, 2014
2007 Issue

Thermal maturity history and implications for hydrocarbon exploration in the Catatumbo Basin, Colombia.

Basament configuration of the northwestern South America- Caribbean margin from recent geophysical data.

Paleocene - Middle miocene flexural - Margin migration of the nonmarine Llanos foreland basin of Colombia. 

Pressure and pressure derivative analysis for vertical gas and oil wells in stress sensitive homogeneous and naturally fractured formations withouth type-curve matching.

Geomechanical wellbore stability modeling of exploratory wells study case at middle Magdalena Basin.

A modified approach to predict pore pressure using the D exponent method: an example from the carbonera formation, Colombia.

Effect of the pseudotime function on gas reservoir drainage area determination.

Correlation development between indentation parameters and unaxial compressive strength for Colombian sandstones.

A complementary conventional analysis for channelized reservoirs.

Design and application of flotations systems for the treatment of reinjected water in a colombian petroleum field.

Evaluation of generic inhibitors behavior for multiphase systems (steel-brine-CO2/H2S) by using electrochemical techniques.

Detailed chemical characterization of petroleum middle fractions by chemometrics analysis of their ultraviolet spectrum.

Evaluación del potencial de condensación de fluidos hidrocarburos en el sistema nacional de gasoductos planteamiento de esquemas de operación adecuados. (available in spanish)

Notas Técnicas (available in spanish)