2006 Issue
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2006 Issue

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2006 Issue

Last updated Nov 28, 2014
2006 Issue

Quantitative Biostratigraphic Model for the Tertiary of the Lower Magdalena Basin, Colombian Caribbean.

Heat Flow in the Colombian Caribbean from the Bottom Simulating Reflector (BSR)

Calculation of Phase and Group Angles, Slowness Surfaces and Ray Tracing in Transversely Isotropic Media.  

Converted Waves Applied to Fracture Detection in the Catatumbo Area, Colombia.

Capillarity and Rapid Flow Effects on Gas Condensate Well Tests.

Development of a Super Accelerated Successive Substitution New Method for Saturation Pressure Calculation in Synthetic Mixtures and Reservoir Fluids

Stimulation Jobs Evaluation Based on Decline Curve Analysis.

Effect of Well Stimulation on the Skin Factor in Elongated Reservoirs.

Fundamental Principles for Conceptual Design of a Scaled Physical Model for Evaluating Electrical Resistive Heating. (available in spanish)

Conventional Analysis for Characterization of Bi-Radial (Elliptical) Flow in Infinite-Conductivity Vertical Fractured Wells.

Development of a Methodology to Determine the Aromatic Structural Distribution in Light and Medium Petroleum Fractions by HPLC.

Analysis of Effluent from Caustic Treatment Plants: Improvement of Accuracy in the Simultaneous Potentiometric Determination of Sulfide and Mercaptide Ions.

Rapid Characterization of Diesel Fuel by Infrared Spectroscopy .

Comentario a: "Quantitative biostratigraphic model for the Tertiary of the Lower Magadalena Basin, colombian caribbean", por Cuartas, Jaramillo & Martínez, 2006. (available in spanish)

Respuesta a comentario sobre: "Quantitative biostratigraphic model for the Tertiary of the Lower Magadalena Basin, colombian caribbean". (available in spanish)