Investor Day 2020
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Investor Day

Investor Day 2020

Last updated Mar 10, 2020



About the Investor Day

Ecopetrol’s  Investor Day is our most important international event, during which we bring together analysts and investors around the world, to talk about the progress of the company.

This year we will hold its fifth version in 2 different scenarios: on February 26 in Bogotá and on March 3 at New York.

During this event, participants will receive an update on the company’s 2020-2022 Business Plan.

The Investor Day will be led by Felipe Bayón, Ecopetrol’s Chief Executive Officer; Jaime Caballero, Chief Financial Officer; Juan Manuel Rojas, VP of Strategy and Business Development; Jorge A. Calvache, VP of Exploration; Rodrigo Andrés Dalle Fiore, Development VP; Mónica Jiménez, Secretary General; and Santiago Martínez, Environmental Manager of Ecopetrol.


Come and join us:

New York, United States
Mar 03
8:00 a.m.
Terrace Room - The Plaza New York
768 Fifth Avenue - New York, NY 10019


Investor Day 2020 - New York