National Biodiversity Call
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The National Biodiversity Call is an initiative created with the aim of promoting

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National Biodiversity Call

Última actualización 29 oct. 2014
The National Biodiversity Call is an initiative created with the aim of promoting the development of biodiversity research projects. It was first carried out in 2009 with support from the Ministry of Environment, Housing and Territorial Development (now the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development). In its first iteration, 10 projects were selected relating to the understanding, management and use of biodiversity in High Andean Wetlands and Ecopetrol´s areas of influence, and in its second iteration, which took place in 2011, 12 projects were selected to be undertaken in the same area of influence defined for 2009.

The institutions that submitted the best projects and met the contest´s conditions won up to 50% of the project´s funding, which could last from 8 to 24 months.

Below are the names of the winning institutions and projects of the National Biodiversity Call 2009 and 2011.

Project Name Institution
Perform an ecological study of hydrobiological communities in High Andean Wetlands of the Eastern Cordillera of Colombia, located in the departments of Boyaca and Cundinamarca UPTC
Perform a study on the conservation of Colombian wetland ecosystem services, an approach towards assisted restoration. Universidad de Los Andes
Participatory ecological restoration of the biodiversity in four wetland complexes in Magdalena Medio Alma Foundation
Establish a program of conservation genetics for the population of bocachico associated with middle and lower part of the Magdalena River. Universidad del Magdalena
Evaluation of marine bio-invasions in coastal wetlands and their relationship to maritime traffic in 3 major port areas of the Colombian Caribbean: Cartagena, Santa Marta and Coveñas Universidad Jorge Tadeo Lozano
Creation of the Management and Monitoring Plan for the Madrevieja Charco de Oro Wetland - Municipality of Andulacía - Valle del Cauca Yoluka Foundation
Perform a study on the identification of priority wetlands for protection of the early life stages of shrimp in shallow waters in Colombia, from an ecogenetics perspective INVEMAR 
Assess the biodiversity of blood parasites present in birds from Lake Otún and perform an entomological survey of potential vectors Universidad Nacional
Perform a study on the High Andean Wetlands in relation to Global Climate Change, vulnerability assessment and adaptation strategy in a wetlands complex in the Eastern Cordillera of Colombia: Lakes Fúquene, Cucunubá and Palace. Humedales Foundation
The effect of environmental variation on the diversification of amphibians and the prevalence of their deadly pathogen: A transect through the wetlands from Magdalena Medio to the Orinoco Universidad de los Andes

Ecosystem health assessment of the flooded savannas of the middle and lower basin of the river Pauto (Casanare) Yoluka-Verde
Evaluation of the conservation status of the population of West Indian manatee (Trichechus manatus manatus) and their habitat, as a tool for the consolidation of strategies for conservation and sustainable management in the Paredes marsh, in Magdalena Medio, Santander Cabildo Verde
From the paramo to the lake. Knowledge and participatory management of the biodiversity associated with the wetlands and the water system of the Fúquene river basin and lake Humedales Foundation
Sites of importance for the conservation of waterbirds in the departments of Meta and Casanare Calidris Association
Aquatic flora of the Colombian Orinoco Universidad de Los Andes - Botanic and Systematics Laboratory
Evaluation of biochemical markers and reproductive variables of three species of Colombian Silurids from ecosystems at risk from pollution Universidad Nacional - Group on fish physiology and aquatic and environmental toxicology
Conservation status of the striped catfish population  (Pseudoplatystoma magdaleniatum) in the Magdalena basin, assessment of environmental and socio-economic implications, and definition of scenarios for fishing and sustainability management Bosques y Humedales Foundation
Impact of the introduction of an alien species, trout, in high mountain wetlands from the Eastern Complex of the Natural Andean Region UPTC
Research and management as tools for the conservation of threatened turtles in plains wetlands Omacha Foundation
Diversity and seasonality in biological communities in streams under different degrees of alteration in the municipality of Tauramena, Colombian Orinoco Pontificia Universidad Javeriana - Group Unit on Ecology and Systematics
Analysis of ecosystem services of the Martos Marsh based on the ecological integrity of vegetation cover as a baseline to guide processes of conservation and ecological restoration Natura Foundation
Pilot projects for participatory ecological restoration with artisanal fishing communities as a contribution to the conservation of biodiversity and environmental land use planning in the alluvial plain of Magdalena Medio Alma Foundation