Management of Human Rights
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Human Rights

Management of Human Rights Information

Last updated Nov 13, 2014

The company´s declarations and commitments in relation to the issue are contained in the Human Rights Guide (link to PDF), which includes a series of principles and rights:

  • Freedom of association and collective bargaining.
  • Elimination of forced and compulsory labor.
  • Abolition of all forms of child labor.
  • Elimination of discrimination in employment and occupation.
  • Fair pay and favorable and adequate working conditions.
  • Rights of the vulnerable population and ethnic minorities.
  • Collective and environmental rights. 
  • Elimination of corruption in all its forms, and physical security of operations within a framework of respect for Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law.

In order to ensure compliance with the commitments contained in the Guide and the principles of the Global Compact, Ecopetrol has created management spaces and tools, such as the Human Rights Committee, a Tactical Plan on Human Rights, and a compliance indicator for this plan.