Human Rights Practices Information
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In its Tactical Plan on Human Rights, Ecopetrol has defined strategic areas in which

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Human Rights Practices

Human Rights Practices Information

Last updated Oct 17, 2014

In its Tactical Plan on Human Rights, Ecopetrol has defined strategic areas in which it focuses its action in this matter : Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining, the right to equality at work, the complaints and claims system for human rights, the rights of ethnic groups, the rights of children, and security and human rights. 

In the case of freedom of association, the company promotes respect for workers belonging to trade unions and provides them guarantees for their freedom of action by preventing situations of harassment or discrimination. In Ecopetrol there are three unions. The main one is the Workers´ Trade Union (USO). In line with the full recognition of the rights of its workers, in 1998 Ecopetrol included the chapter on Human Rights within the Collective Bargaining Agreement. This event was publicly praised as a milestone in the country´s labor relations. 

Thanks to this proposal, workers have a complete framework for protection and respect for life that covers employees, union leaders and company policies; guarantees that extend to families when required. 

This work is channeled through a National Commission on Human Rights and Peace, and seven regional subcommittees, made up of representatives from the company and the union, designed to promote peaceful coexistence, conflict resolution and respect for life. 

On the issue of the right to equality, Ecopetrol works on activities for the promotion of cultural diversity and respect for others, the standardization of the performance management model, and harmonization between Agreement 01 and the Collective Bargaining Agreement in order to achieve equal conditions regardless of payroll. Additionally, the company has concentrated its activities on defining a plan aimed at having comprehensive guidelines for management of people with disabilities, for direct staff, family members, and contractors.