Dissemination and Training
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En cuanto a capacitación y sensibilización en Derechos Humanos

Human Rights

Dissemination and Training

Last updated Nov 8, 2014
In terms of training and awareness raising on Human Rights, Voluntary Principles and the dissemination of Ecopetrol´s Human Rights Guide, in 2011, 450 people from security and surveillance activities were trained, including private security contractors and direct employees. 

It is worth noting that in accordance with the recommendations of the Mining and Energy Committee on Security and Human Rights (CME), in 2011 no training was carried out for members of the Armed Forces on Human Rights. Instead, the Comprehensive Human Rights and International Humanitarian Rights Policy from the Ministry of National Defense, was leveraged in a concerted manner through cooperation agreements that the company has with the Armed Forces. 

In 2011, 49 staff members from the Physical Security Department received theoretical and practical training from the Institute for Democracy, Development and Human Rights in Latin America (Ideamérica) and Universidad Sergio Arboleda. 

This training was part of the human talent development plan for all security personnel in order to strengthen this competence of respect for human rights and international humanitarian law amongst those in charge of managing the security risks in Ecopetrol.

Similarly, in the same period, the training module on human rights was carried out for security professionals and analysts (contractors), which contains the necessary basic knowledge that this personnel should have, which allows them to transmit this knowledge to the security personnel from their work area. 

This module is the tool that makes possible the close of gaps related to training, education and communication, identified in the course of the Performance Indicators Implementation Pilot for the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights, which is run in Magdalena Medio. 

Finally, in 2011 the National Rights and Peace Commissioners of the USO promoted academic activities through workshops, discussions and meetings across the country, involving workers and community members, reaching 437 people. Additionally, the sixth series of the Diploma on Human Rights was carried out with Universidad Nacional de Colombia in which 34 workers were trained in different regions of the country.