Our Principles and Values
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For several years, Ecopetrol has had a Code of Ethics, created in a participatory manner

Ethics and Compliance

Our Principles and Values

Last updated Nov 8, 2014

For several years, Ecopetrol has had a Code of Ethics, created in a participatory manner, which constitutes the formal and institutional reference for the personal and professional conduct that must be adopted by the company´s employees, members of the Board of Directors, suppliers and contractors, regardless of the position or function held. 

For Ecopetrol S.A. The relations with its employees, contractors, customers and other stakeholders, are based on the assumption that mutual actions should be characterized by trust and transparency. These fundamental premises of conduct are conceptually established and consolidated in corporate policy, within the Corporate Governance Code and within this Code, which are our guides. 

Responsibility, integrity and respect are our corporate values. 

We believe that responsibility is the committed and united use of best efforts to achieve corporate objectives, with an efficient management of resources, ensuring sustainable development of the environment and self-care, with the common good prevailing over individual interests. 

We act with integrity because we are consistent between what we think, say and do in the personal and corporate contexts. 

We act with respect, recognizing the rights of the other party, aware that this value is the foundation for building strong and beneficial interpersonal and business relationships. 

For Ecopetrol S.A. and its Corporate Group, the people, community and ecological environments deserve the highest consideration and care, without exclusion or discrimination. 

We are committed to maintaining the highest ethical and production standards. The directive of "Zero Tolerance" governs our decisions regarding the control of corruption in its various forms. 

The reputation of Ecopetrol S.A. has been carefully built over more than sixty years of successful performance and it is our duty to maintain it. Consequently, no consideration or commercial activity can justify endangering our reputation. 

We invite you to learn in greater detail how we put into perspective and fulfill our corporate values and principles within this Code, which symbolizes the unwavering commitment of all in Ecopetrol S.A. and its Corporate Group.