Reports Handling
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When a staff member, contractor, shareholder or citizen knows of or suspects

Reports Handling

Reports Handling

Last updated Oct 28, 2014

When a staff member, contractor, shareholder or citizen knows of or suspects a situation that violates our Code of Ethics, they should use the reporting channels so that the situation can be analyzed by the Secretary General?s Ethics and Compliance Unit.

Ecopetrol has 6 reporting channels. Find out about them below:

All reports that are received through these channels are analyzed according to the Procedure for the management of ethical issues and in accordance with the principles and values of our code of ethics, ensuring those making reports that:

  • Their report will be analyzed objectively by an independent team.
  • Their identity will remain confidential.
  • Reprisal shall not be permitted.
  • They will get a response on the handling of their report.

It is very important to use these channels with integrity and respect for people, so we invite you to consider the following recommendations when reporting something:

  • In order for the situation you report be addressed objectively and efficiently by the analysis team, you should list the events describing what happened, how, when, where, who and attach supporting documents in the event of having these.
  • The reporting channels should not be used for complaints or suggestions regarding processes. For these purposes, Ecopetrol has a complaints and suggestions line that can be found here.
  • You should refrain from reporting rumors, gossip and other behaviors that you cannot prove with facts and data.
  • Your reports will be received by a third party external to Ecopetrol, thus they will be treated under strict confidentiality and zero tolerance for reprisals.
  • Once the report is filed, you will be assigned a consecutive number, so you can track the case, thus it will not be necessary to file a new report.