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As a proposed improvement for public audiences, in 2011 the initiative

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Last updated Nov 7, 2014

As a proposed improvement for public audiences, in 2011 the initiative of holding roundtable discussions prior to each audience was implemented. These roundtables were carried out around the most important issues for the stakeholders in each region.

The topics are defined in accordance with the information gathered by monitoring exercises carried out by the Citizen Participation Offices, as there are issues that, in order to be effectively resolved, require the participation of Ecopetrol and its stakeholders.

To carry out the roundtables, in each region the Citizen Participation Office openly invites Ecopetrol leaders and the community that comprises the various stakeholders to create solutions to exposed issues generating commitments from both parties.

The commitments and the progress status of their implementation are set out in the Public Audiences on Accountability and in follow-up roundtables. The CPO is responsible for monitoring the commitments in order to ensure the continuous improvement of relations between Ecopetrol and its stakeholders.

In 2012, roundtables were held in the municipalities of Tibú and Cartagena which generated improvement plans in the following areas:

I. Social management
II. Environment
III. Contracting local labor
IV. Procurement of local goods and services
V. Property management
VI. Maintenance of roads.