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Ecopetrol S.A., pursuant to External Circular No. 007, 2011,


External Measurements

Last updated Dec 9, 2019

Código País Survey 

Ecopetrol S.A., pursuant to External Circular No. 007, 2011, published the survey on the adoption of the Code of Best Corporate Practices in Colombia (Código País), duly completed and sent to the Financial Superintendence of Colombia. The survey reflects the situation of Ecopetrol S.A. with regard to the recommendations established in Código País in relation to corporate governance practices. 

2017 Survey
2016 Survey 
2015 Survey
2014 Survey
2013 Survey
2012 Survey
2011 Survey 









Dow Jones Sustainability Index 
To ensure that Ecopetrol is recognized for its commitment to sustainable development and building long-term relationships with stakeholders, it has defined a set of MEGA TARGETS that guide its management. In terms of sustainability, the target that Ecopetrol has set itself is to ensure its entry and stay within the Dow Jones Sustainability Index. 

The Dow Jones Sustainability Index is a reference for analysts, institutional investors, sector specialized entities and portfolio investors who believe in the potential and the results of sustainable companies when making investment decisions. 

Being part of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index means that Ecopetrol becomes part of the select group that makes up 10% of the companies with the best sustainability performance in a universe of 2,500 publicly traded companies, and is part of the Dow Jones global indicator. 

Tax strategies and risks

Click here to download the main topics of the company´s tax planning as well as possible tax risks that, in case of occurrence, can originate losses or sanctions.  

Corporate Reputation Monitor 
Corporate reputation is the result of the perceptions of stakeholders regarding the actions undertaken by Ecopetrol and the future expectations on the behavior of the company. It is an intangible asset of great importance, which determines the overall attractiveness of the company to its stakeholders. A solid reputation promotes support behaviors from stakeholders towards the company, which directly impact on the business´ results. Today, Ecopetrol has a strong / robust reputation according to the Reputation Institute?s Rep Track methodology, and it is the company with the best reputation according to the Corporate Reputation Business Monitor (MERCO).