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Payable accounts


Last updated Nov 23, 2014
Prompt payment

If you require that the payment of your invoices be made before the agreed maturity date (30 days following submittal), send a communication to Ecopetrol S.A. at email . 

The request shall indicate:

  • Invoice Number(s).
  • TIN or Colombian Identification Card
  • Requested payment date (optional)
  • Clear acceptance of the financial deduction (accepting the conditions of deduction due to early payment established by Ecopetrol)
  • Internal number of the invoice and creditor number in the SAP system (you will find these numbers on this page by entering the "Account Statements and Withholding Certificates" and then "invoices pending payment") 
    (Suggested model request) 
    Request Form

Applicable only to invoices for a total of more than five million pesos ($5,000,000).

Ecopetrol reserves the right to approve or reject the request for early payment, following analysis of the financial advisability and availability of funds.

For further information, call: 2345000 in Bogotá and 018000918418 anywhere else in the country.