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Last updated Nov 23, 2014

Documents required for payment:

In Colombia customs rules are very strict with documentation. copies with original stamps are not acceptable for customs and cargo may be aprehended.  in order to avoid future problems or fines, we kindly ask you to release to the forwarder all the original documents.

Commercial invoice and packing list have to be done on original letterhead paper and it must be certified and individually signed (with ink) by some member of your company.

Cargo had been taken as not delivered by vendor until commercial invoice and packing list being received and aproved by our forwarder.

"No cargo will be shipped without original documents".

Commercial invoice:

Original and two (2) copies of commercial invoice must be identical with this purchase order about material descriptions and number of items (please note that sometimes the number of items in the purchase order may not be in sequence).

It cannot present amendments, white outs or crossing outs (these are requirements demanded by colombian customs authorities).  The following notes must be included:
"I certify that the prices stated on this invoice are the same as the prices charged to the client and the merchandise contained therein are of_________________ (country of origin).  In view of the  above  sign  this declaration in _____________ (city, state, date)"

It is very important that commercial invoice must be billed to "Ecopetrol S.A. Gerencia Administrativa Grupo de Compras Internacionales Colombia". It must indicate there in all customs according to the colombian custom requirements, and it must contain at least following information:
a. Issuing date
b. Name and adress to the vendor
c. Description to the goods
d. Number of units of each item
e. Unit value and total value for each item
f. Currency
g. Incoterm 2000, indicating place of delivery

If the material has not serials, please indicate susch condition in the invoice with following note: "I certify that materials listed in this invoice has not serials"

Required documents for shipping and payment purposes:

Delivery terms are accomplished when cargo and complete documentation are received from vendor

a. Prior to cargo delivery or chipping, documentation required must be surrendered to designed Ecopetrol´s freight forwarder before cargo delivery or shipping.

b. Original and two (2) copies of commercial invoice indicating purchase order number, complete banking information (as beneficiary,bank, abba bank, city, account number), incoterm adding with delivery place, supplier adress, currency.

c. Original and two (2) copies of packing list.

In all cases, our forwarder shall issue the fcr (freight forwarder cargo receipt) once cargo has been received and documentation has been approved.

Without fcr (freight forwarder cargo receipt) emmited for Ecopetrol´s forwarder, vendor cannot get payment for supply.