Good practices - HSE aspects
Jul 10, 2020

One of the objectives of Ecopetrol S.A. is to ensure that its contractors operate with the same or higher standards, ensuring that its operations are sustainable and contribute to the company's challenge of producing "clean barrels"; it means, the achievement of corporate goals without affecting people, the environment and communities.

Commitment to life: Guarantees a healthy, safe and clean environment in daily activities, putting the integrity of people, the environment and the community as a priority aspect both inside and outside the organization, this is the pillar of the process "Promotion of safe, clean and healthy work".

Thus, to ensure the success of the Safe, Clean and Healthy Work Promotion Strategy, it is necessary to have the commitment of the different actors: Managers, Contractors, Workers, according to the defined phases:

PHASE I: This phase is the responsibility of contractor and subcontractor firms and seeks to Prepare personnel (all workers) within the scope of the contract with Ecopetrol; communication of the risks inherent to the activities to be carried out and the assurance of the understanding of the responsibilities in front of the controls established by the contractor and to give guidelines in preparation and attention of emergencies that may arise in the development of the work. This stage corresponds to compliance with the law of the contracting firms. The methodology depends on the contractor/subcontractor firms but must take into account the general guidelines defined by Ecopetrol.

PHASE II: This phase is the responsibility of Ecopetrol, contractor, and subcontractor firms and seeks to reinforce standards, promulgate culture, and generate a commitment to live. It applies to workers of contractor and subcontractor firms whose position is the command line and HSE function, for contracts with risk assessment M, H, and VH and will be managed in a virtual way, delivering the information to the contractor firms to whom contracts with Ecopetrol are established.

PHASE III: This phase is the responsibility of Ecopetrol, contractor, and subcontractor firms, it applies to all its workers and seeks to communicate the risks and specific controls on-site, where the activities will be carried out.

Behavior Assurance Guidelines:

These are visual tools that identify the controls that must be ensured before, during, and after the execution of the critical activity, such as work at height, excavations, confined spaces, among others. The objective of the didactic pieces is to ensure healthy, safe, and clean behaviors during the development of the works, ensuring the integrity of the people.

Reducing accidents, simplifying training processes, raising awareness of the importance of controls, and facilitating the understanding of procedures are some of the benefits of these guides. The support pieces are available according to the roles and responsibilities of the different operational levels: specialists, supervisors, and executors.

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