Corporate Strategy
Apr 30, 2020


We work every day to build a better future:

  • Profitable and sustainable
  • With a healthy, clean and safe operation
  • Ensuring operational excellence and transparency in each of our actions
  • Building mutually beneficial relationships with stakeholders


Ecopetrol will be a world-class integrated oil and gas, aimed at value creation and sustainability, with a focus on exploration and production, committed to their environment and supported in their human talent and operational excellence company.

What is the Ecopetrol's strategy?

Learn how what is the contribution of each of the business units Ecopetrol development and fulfillment of the objectives of the company.

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Ecopetrol Group 2015 - 2030

Ecopetrol's growth over the past eight years has positioned the company as the first in the country, creating more relevance and visibility in the international scenario, generating confidence for its shareholders.

We created a new Strategic Framework to indicate our path, and a Business Transformation Program to adapt the Organization to meet the challenges and guide the performance of Ecopetrol Group.

Ecopetrol has doubled the growth in production in recent years to move from producing 399 mboed * in 2007 to 755.4 mboed in 2014, equivalent to growth of 1.8% in eight years. This was achieved through an investment and expansion path which allowed a significant value generation.

This growth was accompanied by high returns between 2007 and 2013, and were possible in times when the capabilities of the organization facilitated it, prices and the local and global environment was favorable, which allowed Ecopetrol to grow, achieve greater relevance and visibility in the international context and to respond to its shareholders.

The dynamics of the business environment especially with the new price scenario, the need to consolidate exploration successes and challenges of sustainability in the long term, poses new challenges for the Company. They force us to reinvent ourselves to focus on what will allow us to endure competitively in the world. This leads to the priorities, objectives and chart Ecopetrol in Colombia and internationally is transformed.

The strategic review carried out between 2014 and 2015 led to formulate, revise and evaluate new strategic scenarios having as basis the criteria of value creation, sustainability, financial viability and risk level. Based on the above strategy is redefined and created a new Strategic Framework and guidelines that will guide the course of Ecopetrol Group.

* Thousands of equivalent barrels per day


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