Diversity and Inclusion Program

Mar 24, 2021

“We are inspired by the power of diversity. Our goal is to create an inclusive environment where we can feel that we all belong. We are committed to integrating diversity throughout our organization and its processes. These actions help us to build a better company that, as we say at Ecopetrol, is from everyone, for everyone”

Felipe Bayón
President of Ecopetrol

Diversity and Inclusion Program

Organizations need to evolve, grow and be a benchmark in the society we dream of. Ecopetrol Group is committed to giving value to diversity, welcoming differences and promoting the development of increasingly inclusive environments, where all people feel welcome, appreciated, treated with equity and respect, and in which they receive equal opportunities, so everyone can contribute with the best they have to offer.

For this reason, we have created the Diversity and Inclusion Program, recognizing the power of diversity in three key perspectives:

  • Talent: diversity and inclusion efforts allow us to create an emotionally safe work environment; one free from discrimination, in which the well-being of people prevails, contributing to their happiness. These efforts also allow us to welcome all the diverse talent that wishes to contribute their energy in a company from Everyone, and for Everyone.
  • Our corporate responsibility: our commitment to respect Human Rights is active and complies with the principle of equality and non-discrimination. For this reason, we work to develop actions that tangibly contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and that promote the energy that we bring to all Colombians.
  • The business perspective: We recognize that diversity strengthens the innovation capacity of teams – which in turn makes it easier to achieve the objectives to contribute to our country. We also work under the highest standards of corporate governance in relation to Diversity and Inclusion. Someone who feels happiness in his work influences an organization positively; i.e. We become better versions of ourselves!

The program has a model developed to promote diversity and inclusion (D&I) with a comprehensive view, and is aimed at all our stakeholders, showing how we can contribute to the development of more empathetic, safer and happier social and emotional environments for all. The model has three components:

  • Activating the conversation: we look for spaces and moments to “wear lenses of diversity” at all levels of the organization.
    • Senior management: It is promoted and endorsed by the company’s Steering Committee; therefore it is part of its agenda. We have six Sponsors, spokespersons for the senior management that make up the Executive Board of Diversity and Inclusion through which the program is promoted and whose progress is monitored.
    • Policies and guidelines: We make our commitment visible in different policies and high-level normative documents that express our principles of action. This in turn represents the framework of actions that facilitate the coordination of other more tactical regulations of the organization.
    • Objectives and indicators: We have objectives and indicators in terms of D&I that respond to the challenges associated with the development of this organizational capacity.
    • Volunteers and other organizational areas: We promote the connection of volunteer Champions from different areas of the organization, who wish to contribute volunteer work to promote the initiatives and activities of the program, regardless of their position or type of connection.
  • Coming together amidst difference: We promote training, awareness and communication to have an informed conversation, transform stereotypes, break paradigms, prevent any form of discrimination and promote greater collaboration and understanding from a perspective that connects us as human beings and the empathy that this requires. We also mobilize communication that clearly expresses our principles of diversity to promote an empathetic and inclusive environment for all.
  • Coordinated into action: We develop partnerships with different organizations to promote an active diversity agenda, as we are sure that, united, we can go further. The very adoption of inclusion standards is the manner in which we ensure that diversity passes from intention to action, making adjustments to processes, practices and behaviors.

Ecopetrol Group is committed to the promotion of diversity and the consolidation of an inclusive workspace, fostering awareness as to the value of differences and the development of equal working conditions.


We acknowledge value

Human talent

  • Working environment
  • Commitment
  • Bridging gaps
  • Talent

Corporate Responsibility

  • Human rights
  • SDGs
  • Engagement with IGs


  • Innovation
  • Productivity
  • Corporate Standards

We design a management model

Activating the conversation

  • Senior management
  • Policies and guidelines
  • Objectives and indicators
  • Volunteers

Coming together amidst difference

  • Education and awareness
  • Communication

Coordinated into action:

  • Processes, practices and behaviors
  • Partnerships


Five working dimensions


  • Participation in leadership and core positions
  • Life family balance
  • GBV prevention


  • Inclusive working environs
  • Family care
  • Evolving from integration to inclusion contexts

Victims, ex-combatants and Law Enforcement veterans

  • Economic, social and cultural inclusion
  • Equal opportunities

Ethnicity, background and sociocultural conditions

  • Promotion of cultural diversity
  • Equal opportunities and entrepreneurship


Sexual Orientation

  • Education and awareness
  • Prejudice and discrimination-free environs
  • Equal opportunities

Inclusive Culture

  • 6 senior management sponsors
  • 220+ volunteer champions
  • 28 partnerships
  • 30 initiatives – of which 20 ongoing
  • 5,300 participations at activities

Diversity and Inclusion Guide

In this document we share our reasons, principles of action, commitments and directives to give value to diversity in Ecopetrol and the Corporate Group, to embrace differences and to promote the development of increasingly inclusive environments, where everyone feels welcome, appreciated, treated with fairness and respect, and in which equal opportunities are given everybody can contribute the best of themselves.

Inclusive Language and Communication Guide

We want all people to feel included and treated with fairness and respect. For this reason Ecopetrol Group promotes Diversity and Inclusion as a competitive skill that fosters sustainable development. Transformation, language and communication are enhancers that contribute to changing words, narratives and actions that transform the reality of our environments.


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