Relationships of trust with our stakeholders

Apr 30, 2020

Ecopetrol frames Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) within a clear guide on Relations with its Stakeholders that aims to ensure the trust and reputation of the company and the sustainability of the business in the long-term. This involves the integration of the following elements as a fundamental part of its corporate management:

A. Review expectations and set commitments to stakeholders
Ecopetrol must regularly review the expectations of its stakeholders and establish an explicit relation commitment with each of them. To establish these commitments, Ecopetrol must take into account the company´s objectives and strategic directions.

B. CSR corporate management system
Commitments made to stakeholders must be viable and verifiable. In order to monitor their fulfillment, they must be supported by strategic objectives, practices, indicators and targets. These management mechanisms make it possible to monitor compliance with the commitments and facilitate the achievement of the targets set.

C. CSR practices
Ecopetrol must be a leader in the identification and implementation of CSR practices, which ensure compliance with the commitments made. This requires ongoing work aimed at identifying and promoting the adoption of mutually beneficial practices in the management of relations with its stakeholders.

D. Relations capability
Ecopetrol must institutionalize its stakeholder relations strategy and incorporate it into its models of Culture and Leadership. This involves strengthening the relationship capabilities of staff members, contractors and other relevant actors that represent it, so that they can build relationships of trust based on actions that are transparent and consistent with the commitments made with each stakeholder, the Code of Ethics and the Corporate Governance Code of Ecopetrol.


Ecopetrol S.A. is a Mixed Economy Company, with a commercial orientation, organized as a corporation of a national level, affiliated to the Ministry of Mines and Energy, in accordance with the dispositions set forth by Law 1118 of 2006, and governed by its Bylaws.

Corporate Governance Code  

The Corporate Governance Code is based on the principles of transparency, governance and control in business management. Is addressed to members of the Board, the President of Ecopetrol, employees, contractors and their employees, shareholders and investors.


Shareholders and investors Ensure the sustainability of the business through ethical, transparent and responsible management.
  • Maximize shareholder value in a sustained manner.
  • Ensure corporate governance and promote ethical and transparent behaviors.
  • Strengthen relations with shareholders and investors.
Employees, retirees and their families Build a great place to work within a framework based on relationships of trust, transparency and productivity.
  • Ensure fair compensation within a framework of corporate competitiveness.
  • Have leadership that leverages the development of employees and the company´s work environment.
  • Ensure international HSE standards for employees
  • Act within a framework of respect and promotion of labor and union rights.
  • Contribute to the quality of life of employees, retirees and their families.
Contractors and their employees Transparency and clear rules within a mutually beneficial relationship.
  • Ensure transparency in the supply chain.
  • Ensure international standards of HSE in the contracted operation.
  • Ensure compliance with the parties´ contractual terms.
  • Promote responsible practices from our contractors.
Partners Ensure sustainable business within a framework for action that is transparent, reliable and of shared leadership.
  • Provide and maintain fair commercial relations and with clear rules for mutual benefit
  • Ensure international HSE standards in joint ventures
  • Jointly contribute to the viability of the business ensuring the development of conditions
Customers Ensure customer satisfaction through service excellence
  • Maximize the value of products and services for customers
State Help build a Social State based on the rule of Law by fulfilling our obligations and supporting institutional strengthening
  • Ensure and promote the fulfillment of obligations with State institutions
  • Support the strengthening of local authorities in order for them to properly manage their obligations
Society and Community Participate in the sustainable development of the country, within a framework of shared responsibility and respect for human rights
  • Strengthen relationships of shared responsibility based on dialogue and participation
  • Carry out all activities with social and environmental responsibility
  • Promote collective processes of regional development
  • Act within a framework of respect and promotion of Human Rights.


Ecopetrol must verify fulfillment of the proposed targets and ensure ongoing dialogue with stakeholders, which will enable continuous improvement of its relations strategy. Monitoring should take place through public audiences on accountability, national and/or regional events with each stakeholder (e.g. shareholders general assembly, customers convention, international, national and regional supplier events, etc.), roundtables, preparation of public reports that reflect its performance in relevant subjects, among others. 





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The receipt and response to requests, complaints and claims, has as its main objective to achieve effective communication between Ecopetrol S.A. and its stakeholders. 

Under this approach, through the channels of: Mail, email, phone and personal contact, the Organization receives different RCCs (Requests, Complaints and Claims) centralizing their recording in the Citizen Participation Office, which ensures timely and effective response to citizens, through the monitoring of each and every one of the RCCs received. The handling of RCCs not only allows direct response to the concerns of citizens, but also feeds the monitoring process. 

The Citizen Participation Office creates and provides opportunities for interaction between stakeholders and Ecopetrol, where rights, ethics, transparency and the corporate reputation are strengthened. Good practice, Standards ISO 10002, 10003 and COPC (international standard that defines best practices for operation and service to customers) give us tools that allow us to encourage stakeholders to express their concerns and thus reduce the number of unsaid problems, which once expressed through requests, complaints, claims and suggestions, are addressed efficiently using customer service methodology, thus improving satisfaction, trust and loyalty in all stakeholders. 

You can access the Citizen Participation Office of Ecopetrol S.A. in the following ways: 

Email: participacion.ciudadana@ecopetrol.com.co; quejasysoluciones@ecopetrol.com.co . 
Contact center: (091) 234 5000 - option 7 Bogota - 018000 918418 rest of the country 
Portal: www.ecopetrol.com.co at the Online link 

CPO BOGOTA - Cundinamarca: 
Address: Calle 37 N° 8-43 (ex room 8-10) 
Telephone: (091) 2344444 
Fax: (091) 2345514 

Address: Block three, 25 de Agosto Offices, Barrancabermeja Complex Department 
Telephone: (097) 6208994- 6208484 
Fax: (097) 6209734 

CPO EL CENTRO - Santander: 
General Offices, El Centro 
Telephone: 6239364 
Monday to Friday 6:00 a.m.- 10:30 a.m. 12:00 p.m. - 4:30 p.m. 

CPO NEIVA - Huila: 
Address: Campo Dina, km 17, Neiva ? Bogotá road 
Telephone: (098) 8671111 extension 1114 
Fax: (098) 8671196 

CPO ORITO - Putumayo: 
Address: Ecopetrol Administrative Office - Barrio Colombia 
Telephone: (098) 4292933 
Service to the public during the last week of each month 

CPO APIAY - Meta: 
Central Operations Superintendence, Km. 32, Pto López ? Bloque road, main porter?s lodge. 
Telephone: 6 616207 Internal ext. 4-6207. 

Community Relations Office YOPAL - Casanare: 
Address: Carrera 24 No. 11-69 esquina 
Telephone (098) 6354733 

CPO Cucúta - Norte de Santander: 
Address: Avenida 1E No. 14-55 - Barrio Los Caobos 
Telephone: (097) 5760260 


Ecopetrol adopted transparency, governance and control practices to proactively ensure good corporate governance in order to generate confidence among stakeholders and ensure business sustainability.

In this section you will learn more about Ecopetrol´s corporate governance model and the mechanisms used to address the application of best practices. 

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