Ecopetrol Group opened its trading company in the United States

  • Ecopetrol US Trading office is in Houston, Texas.
  • The objective is to obtain new clients for its products in the North American market.

The Ecopetrol Group started operating a new trading office abroad in the United States to obtain new clients and strengthen its commercial strategy in the North American market. Ecopetrol US Trading (EUST), as the new trading company is called, is in Houston, Texas, a city recognized as one of the world's energy capitals. From there, it will serve its commercial operations in the United States.

Ecopetrol US Trading's commercialization and operation strategy seeks to get closer and strengthen the relationship with customers through a local support team that will facilitate fluid communication with customers and suppliers. It will also have access to first-hand information focused on local and real-time monitoring of market trends, regulatory changes, and industry developments in the United States.

It will also seek partnerships to expand the market further, and hand in hand with sustainability and innovation, will promote and integrate decarbonization initiatives.

" The beginning of operations of Ecopetrol US Trading marks an important milestone for our company because it will allow us to enhance our knowledge and continue growing in a market as important as the North American one," said Pedro Manrique, Commercial and Marketing vice-president at Ecopetrol.

Ecopetrol US Trading is the second trading subsidiary of the Ecopetrol Group after Ecopetrol Trading Asia started operations in Singapore in April 2022 to expand crude oil and refined products trading operations in that continent.

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