Job calls for positions in the oil industry advance in the fields of the Nare Asset

  • The process will continue until the vacancies required by the contracting companies are completed to guarantee operational continuity.
  • Ecopetrol will receive the fields on November 4 once the association contract with Mansarovar Energy has ended.
  • This week the "We are Colombia" round will be held to promote relations between MSMEs in the region and national entrepreneurs.

A total of 480 vacancies for different positions in the industry have been published so far through the Public Employment Service in Puerto Boyacá and Puerto Nare, to guarantee the continuity of operations in the Jazmín, Girasol, Underriver, Nare, Moriche fields and Abarco, which Ecopetrol will receive on November 4, once the association contract with the Mansarovar Energy company has ended.

The vacancies published so far represent 55% for the supply of the personnel required for the different activities. Workers were initially requested for contracts for the operation and maintenance of surface facilities, operation of Well Services equipment, operation of firefighting systems, nitrogen injection, minor maintenance and spraying, inspection of static equipment, inspection of wells, personnel transportation, pump workshop, among others.

New calls will soon be published to hire personnel for contractor firms that will provide food, measurement and laboratory services, maintenance of static equipment, cleaning of industrial areas and emergency care, fumigation, surveillance, chemical treatment, flush by, among others.

In total, there will be more than 35 contracts to ensure continuity, with an application of about 900 vacancies including the direct requirements of Ecopetrol.

Additionally, in development of Ecopetrol's Diverse Productive Entrepreneurship program, this Wednesday, October 13, the "We are Colombia" round is scheduled to be held between suppliers and contractors in the municipality of Puerto Boyacá.

It is a space created by Ecopetrol to contribute to the reactivation of the economy through the generation of relationship opportunities between MSMEs in the region and national and international firms from different economic sectors.

The fields are located in the municipalities of Puerto Boyacá and Puerto Nare, they will be administered by the Vice Presidency of Development and Central Regional Production of Ecopetrol, through the Catatumbo-Teca-Nare Management (Catenare).

Puerto Boyacá, October 13, 2021

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