The pride of belonging to Ecopetrol

Jan 8, 2021

  • We are a world-class integrated oil and gas company focused on value and sustainability generation, focused on exploration and production, committed to its environment, and supported in its human talent and operational excellence.
  • As Ecopetrol Business Group, we are the largest player in Colombia's oil and gas industry and one of the most critical groups in Latin America (Semana Magazine, 2017).
  • Ecopetrol S. A. is one of the 500 most valuable brands in the world. It is the only Colombian brand present in the 454th position of the international ranking. It ranks 28th among the firms in the sector (Brand Finance, 2017).
  • We are one of the largest companies in the world and the best located among Colombian companies, according to the prestigious Forbes ranking of 2017.
  • We are recognized for our financial strength and presence in the global stock market.
  • We have a 60% share of Colombia's hydrocarbon production and operations in Brazil, Peru, and the Gulf of Mexico (United States).
  • We produce cleaner fuels, meeting international standards, and preserving natural resources.
  • One of the most attractive companies to work for Colombians has a better corporate reputation (Merco, 2017).
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