Our President

Oct 11, 2023

Is an individual whose extensive 30-year-plus professional career has garnered him a significant number of achievements and results, particularly over the past 15 years as senior manager of energy and gas companies in Colombia and Honduras. These achievements are founded upon his approach of recognizing human talent as a fundamental element of organizations, the management of assets and business as the basis for the companies’ sustainability, and the unswerving commitment to delivering financial growth to stakeholders.

He can proudly display his vast career and attest that to date there are no fiscal, criminal, or disciplinary proceedings against him involving his name or reputation in public, mixed, or private companies, a reflection of his rectitude and transparency in the management of said companies and their businesses during his tenure.

During his tenure in 1998 as an advisor to the Superintendencia de Servicios Públicos Domiciliarios (Superintendence of Residential Public Services) he was commissioned to carry out an intervention process over the Electrificadoras de la Costa Atlántica (Electrificadora del Sucre).

His extensive experience includes roles as President, Manager, and Director in energy and natural gas generation, transmission, distribution, and commercialization companies in Colombia, including Commercial and General Manager of Electrificadora de Santander for five and a half years, Director of Commercialization and Energy Business Manager of Ingenios Incauca and Providencia for more than 3 years, and his work as President of Transportadora de Gas Internacional TGI for two and a half years and later promotion to President of Grupo Energía Bogotá, where he served for almost four years.

In the past five years, he held the positions of General Manager of Controles Eléctricos de Colombia, President of Central Termoeléctrica La Luna, and General Manager of Empresa Energía Honduras.

He is an Electromechanical Technician and Mechanical Engineering alumni from Universidad Nacional de Colombia with a specialization in Engineering Management Systems from Pontificia Universidad Javeriana.

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