Frequently asked questions

Jan 8, 2021

1. Are the positions at Ecopetrol subject to official appointments?

On the occasion of the entry into force of Act 1118 of 2006, all personnel linked to Ecopetrol S.A., for purposes of regulating its labor relations, have the character of private workers, and therefore are governed by the norms contained in the Substantive Labor Code.

In that sense, in Ecopetrol, the positions are not subject to official appointments; therefore, they are provided through direct selection processes carried out by the Vice Presidency of Human Talent.

2. Who can participate in a selection call?

All people from Colombia and the world who are interested in applying for the call and meet the position's profile.

3.When is an external selection process done?

When Ecopetrol S. A. determines the need and establishes that there is a vacant position.

​4. What criteria is the selection process at Ecopetrol based on?

Ecopetrol S. A. selects people with the best technical, human, and organizational skills adjusted to the required profiles.

5. Does being shortlisted in a process indicate that the candidate will fill the vacancy?

Participation in the interested parties' selection processes does not generate any commitment or guarantee, express or implied, of eventual selection or recruitment by Ecopetrol S. A.

Compliance with the requirements only generates the possibility of participating in the selection process and being part of a list of eligible candidates that can be resumed when the Company has vacancies available for the same profile that was evaluated, as long as the candidate remains interested.

6. Will Ecopetrol pay the expenses incurred by a candidate if he or she is summoned to a selection or interview process outside their city of residence?

Ecopetrol S. A. is not responsible for the expenses incurred by a candidate to attend a selection or interview process. That is, no expenses for transportation, accommodation, among others, are borne by the Company. Each candidate must bear his or her necessary expenses. In no case will it be understood that Ecopetrol S. A. will assume any cost of the expenses incurred by the applicant.

7. How can candidates know the salary offer of the process to which they apply?

Through the Recruitment and Selection Department of the Vice Presidency of Human Talent, Ecopetrol S.A. will make the candidates' compensation offer that complies with the required profile. The aspects related to the Company's salary and benefits are informed.

Any compensation offer generated by Ecopetrol S.A. does not constitute a binding offer for the applicant, nor does it mean its unequivocal manifestation of willingness to conclude a labor contract once acceptance is received.

8. What are the linkage procedures that are carried out in the selection process?

The linkage procedures will be informed to each candidate during the evaluation process and, therefore, do not commit Ecopetrol S. A. to perform the candidate's linking.

Any inconsistency in the applicant's documentation, when contrasted with the information recorded in the resume and provided during the selection process, will result in the termination of the process and the non-linkage.

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