Sales and Marketing

Apr 30, 2020

General Terms and Conditions for Fob and Dap Sales of Crude Oil and Refined Products

The sales and marketing function is the last link in the value chain, which connects Ecopetrol with the markets in Colombia and the world, seeking to maximize value added for the Ecopetrol Group through excellence in the sale of crude; products; clean, safe and sustainable petrochemical products, gas and energy, leveraging its human talent, internal optimization, digital tools and building longterm relationships with our customers.

Sales and Marketing is responsible for the following issues:

• Sale of the crude and gas extracted in the fields, as well as the petrochemical and industrial products produced in the refineries, which are commercialized in the most profitable national and international markets.

• Purchase of crude oil from royalties and from third parties to optimize the refinery throughput and the import of diluents required for the transport of heavy crude by the pipeline systems. Likewise, it purchases in the international market the fuels and petrochemicals that are required to complete its own product portfolio in order to meet customer commitments.

• Leads the Company's energy planning and optimization strategy exercise, manages the purchase of energy for Ecopetrol and its subsidiaries and carries out the sale of surpluses from its production units and from the Ecopetrol Group.


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