Technology and innovation

Jun 1, 2023

One-Click Purchase Project

Seeks to transform the supply chain function from end to end, through the migration to SAP ARIBA, which allows the incorporation of best practices, standardization of processes, the cloud information availability, and the use of advanced analytics.

The main processes benefited by this project are:









Supply Chain Analytics Network

Consists of the development and incorporation of analytical and digital capabilities through training for more than 40 professionals. In 2022, 31 digital and analytical solutions were developed adding value to different processes and reinforcing information-based decision-making.


Reports´ automation and digitization for Process´ monitoring, measurement, and control



  • Use of Skanhawk technology in workover services, achieving real-time operations monitoring and a greater control of HSE and physical security aspects

  • Acquisition of oil fields information generating greater operational efficiencies especially in areas with high depth conditions.


  • Development of PowerBi dashboards for main Supply Chain Management Indicators, monthly updated providing information at-a-glance of the process performance in aspects such as value generation, environmental management, local contracting (labor, goods and services), diversity and inclusion, among others.

  • Local goods and services contracting indicator automation, reducing operative time from 6 days to 10 minutes, publishing to supply chain team the data through a PowerBi dashboard with all the relevant information according to the specific needs.


  • Automatic generation of Purchase Orders through an algorithm in SAP which considers factors such as prices, delivery times and date contracts subscription, the Purchase Orders are generated automatically when the requested materials are found in commercial agreements. Since its implementation, approximately 3.000 automatic purchase orders have been generated.

  • Purchasing information dashboards have been developed to identify recurring materials, facilitate follow-up on Order Requests status and identify materials available in commercial agreements.


  • Establishment of Business Group Economic Benefits Report which indicates the goals obtained by synergies between the companies of the Business Group to strengthen and centralize the official savings repository.

  • Preventive management of commercial commitments payments by contractors through the development of an online Invoice Payment Control Tool for providers and subcontractors to record its pending payments.


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