Coexistence Committee for workplace harassment management

Apr 16, 2021

The Ecopetrol Labor Coexistence Committee promotes respect, impartiality, tolerance, serenity, spirit of dialogue and conciliation that tend to improve work coexistence in a completely confidential environment. Under this framework, agreed improvement plans are built, follow-up, and case closure with the aim of building human relations with Mutual Welfare.

In 2020, 60 requests were submitted, of which 17 are in process of analysis and listening, 3 requests are in pursuit of agreements, 17 were rejected for not complying with the characteristic of workplace harassment according to Law 1010 of 2.006, and 17 were closed.

Between 2015 and 2020, 166 preventive disclosures were made, attended by 1,276 officials.

Within the framework of the Labor Coexistence Committee, the actions defined in accordance with Law 1010 of 2.006 and the provisions of the labor harassment book have been carried out.

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