Technology in Ecopetrol
Jan 8, 2021

Ecopetrol designed a Technology Strategy focused on attracting and retaining exceptional human talent, which seeks to capture more value through innovation and achieve a competitive company based on four routers. These will allow Ecopetrol to break technological barriers to increase reserves, increase its operations efficiency, move towards the energy transition and carbon-neutrality, and the digital transformation of its operations and processes from the fourth industrial revolution.

Breaking down technological barriers to growth in reserves:

  • Exploratory success in areas of complex geology and development of fields with technological barriers.
  • Reduction of the "break-even" in the development of strategic fields.
  • Feasibility of the exploitation of non-conventional deposits
  • Development of Offshore discoveries.

Operational efficiencies

  • Extension of the economic limit of fields.
  • Energy efficiency in operations.
  • Refinery optimization to improve fuel quality
  • Efficient and profitable production of petrochemicals and plant optimization.
  • Excellence in transportation and solution of future restrictions.
  • We have customized crude oil blends.

Energy transition and carbon-neutrality

  • Energy diversification (solar, geothermal, and green hydrogen)
  • Optimal use of water (re-use, agro-industrial use, optimal quality).
  • C02 capture and utilization, fugitive emission abatement, and zero tidal burns.
  • Petrochemicals from oil waste (asphalt binders, fossil puddles, carbon fiber, etc.)
  • Co-processing of bio-oils in refining and stable and profitable production of ethanol and biodiesel.
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