Our Culture

Jan 27, 2021

Cultural Statement

  • Life first: we take care of ourselves and we take care of the planet

We are committed to preserving life in its different manifestations, that is why we take care of ourselves, we take care of others, and we take care of the planet. This results in these behaviors:

  • I take care of myself and I take care of others
  • I act with rigor and discipline against the HSE management system
  • I take care of the environment and the environment thinking about future generations

They are not our behaviors:

  • The important thing is to meet production goals.
  • Who am I to tell the other what to do?
  • That climate change is just a story: the planet is not going to end.


  • Always ethical: we are transparent and coherent with our principles

We are true to our principles, always. This results in these behaviors:

  • We are upright in all our actions and we comply with the guidelines of the Code of Ethics.
  • We take responsibility for our actions.
  • We are respectful and have a good relationship with all people

They are not our behaviors:

  • Better not get in trouble and turn a blind eye
  • The important thing is not to get caught
  • It is better not to do anything because later the control entities will get us


  • Passionate for excellence: our commitment is to obtain exceptional and sustainable results

We strive in our work, giving exceptional results to personal and Company goals. This results in these behaviors:

  • We rigorously plan and monitor
  • We honor commitments
  • We exceed expectations and create value in everything we do.

They are not our behaviors:

  • Each day brings its eagerness
  • Better let another person decide
  • In Ecopetrol they pay very well and you can't get fired


  • We respectfully listen and talk with clarity: we lead from diversity and inclusion

Our team is made up of people who deserve respect without distinction or preference. This results in these behaviors:

  • We promote equality of expression and opportunities regardless of differences.
  • We dare to express our ideas and disagree.
  • We create an environment without fear, without aggression, without discrimination.

They are not our behaviors

  • Here they come with that diversity tale
  • The best thing is to do what the Boss says
  • We come to the company to work and not to make friends


  • We make possible the impossible: we create innovative solutions with anticipation and technology

We are aware of the constant transformation of the environment, and that is why we anticipate and adapt, ensuring the sustainability and validity of our Company. This results in these behaviors:

  • We learn from success and mistakes.
  • We act with agility.
  • We experiment with the risks in mind and look for better ways of doing things.

They are not our behaviors

  • If we accept mistakes, we become mediocre
  • It is best to do things slowly but surely
  • At Ecopetrol we have had many transformations: why change if we have always done well


  • We are one team: we build our strength with collaboration

At Ecopetrol, the results belong to everyone. Together we work with the same Higher Purpose, with common objectives, with joint goals, that is why we know that in collaboration is the key to get where we want to go. We materialize this commitment in three major behaviors:

  • We break silos and connect with other teams.
  • We congratulate, recognize and thank those who excel in the way they do things.
  • We humbly give and receive feedback.

They are not part of our behaviors:

  • Bring me a solution that here we look for the problems
  • If I congratulate someone, suddenly he thinks I'm being hypocrite
  • Each one knows how to do their thing
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