About Ecopetrol

Mar 3, 2021

Ecopetrol S.A. is a company organized under the form of a public limited company, of the national order, linked to the Ministry of Mines and Energy. It is a mixed economy company, of an integrated commercial nature in the oil and gas sector, which participates in all links of the hydrocarbon chain: exploration, production, transportation, refining and commercialization.

It has operations located in the center, south, east and north of Colombia, as well as abroad. It has two refineries in Barrancabermeja and Cartagena. Through its subsidiary Cenit, specialized in hydrocarbon transport and logistics, it owns three ports for the export and import of fuels and crude oil in Coveñas (Sucre) and Cartagena (Bolívar) with exit to the Atlantic, and Tumaco (Nariño) in the Peaceful. Cenit also owns most of the country's oil and pipeline pipelines that connect production systems with large consumption centers and maritime terminals. Ecopetrol also has a stake in the biofuel business and a presence in Brazil, Mexico and the United States (Gulf of Mexico and Permian Texas).

Ecopetrol's shareholding in other companies in the sector is presented in the Ecopetrol Group Special Report later in this Report.

Ecopetrol's shares are listed on the Colombian Stock Exchange and on the New York Stock Exchange represented in ADR (American Depositary Receipt). The Republic of Colombia is the majority shareholder with a participation of 88.49%.

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