Ethical principles of Ecopetrol and Ecopetrol Group

Dec 16, 2021

The following principles are rules that constitute a source of responsibility and guide the expected behavior of the members of the Board of Directors and employees of Ecopetrol S.A. and the group, all natural or legal persons that have any relationship with it, including beneficiaries, shareholders, contractors, suppliers, agents, partners, customers, allies, bidders, in addition to the personnel and firms that the contractors engage for the execution of the agreed activities.

It is the behavior that makes us visible as upright, loyal, fair, objective, honest and transparent to the company and society. A person of integrity acts in a manner consistent with the aforementioned characteristics, the applicable internal and external regulations, the principles and rules adopted by the organization to prevent violations to the ethical standards and expectations referred to in the Code of Ethics and Conduct. Acting in accordance with this behavior allows us to affirm that we do not tolerate acts of money laundering, financing of terrorism, fraud, bribery and corruption (FCPA violations, gifts and hospitality, conflicts of interest) or unethical conduct.

It is the moral obligation to make the best effort to achieve business objectives and ensure the efficient management of resources. Based on this principle, it is mandatory to do everything pertinent to develop the assigned activities and the company's goals, taking into account the applicable provisions contained in the Political Constitution, national and foreign laws, internal regulations, as well as adopting the Internal Control System. Under this principle, the consequences of the decisions taken, as well as omissions and overreaching are assumed.

It is the ability to accept and recognize differences with others. Based on this principle, human, fundamental and social rights are protected, and we strive to recognize others without distinction of sex, orientation, race, national or family origin, language, religion, political or philosophical opinion, disability, economic condition, physiognomy, genetic characteristics, educational level, socio-cultural characteristic, difference of thought, expression, way of being or any other situation that goes against the diversity and inclusion policy adopted by Ecopetrol. By virtue of this principle, we act in a cordial manner, without discriminating, mistreating or attacking others, we do not speak ill of others, nor do we affect the image of people or the Company.

These are self-care actions inside and outside the workplace, applying the rules of hygiene, safety and environment that Ecopetrol points out to us, as a mechanism for the defense of life, health and the environment.

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