Human Talent Strategy

Jun 16, 2020

In terms of human talent, Ecopetrol has identified as a strategic objective to have people and teams of exceptional performance that generate integrated value for the company.

At Ecopetrol, the management of human talent starts from the premise that the strategic planning of the workforce ensures the necessary human capital for the successful implementation of business goals and, in parallel, profitability and business sustainability.

It includes two transversal foundations (labor harmony and internal communication) and five strategic pillars that are described below:

  • Attract talent: Through an organizational architecture that adds value, ensures the accountability of processes and the clear assignment of roles, seeks to specialize and internationalize the selection process to attract the talent that is required. Likewise, offer professional growth opportunities equal to or better than those offered by competitors and a flexible and competitive compensation scheme in the national and international market.
  • Developing talent: Seeks to consolidate performance differentiation and individual contribution to the achievement of company results. Likewise, develop new skills in workers and decrease training time to achieve autonomy. It involves ensuring a learning methodology that accelerates the development of skills and consolidating the Ecopetrol University as a center of learning and knowledge, with a focus on the skills required for business strategy. Likewise, it involves consolidating the knowledge transfer process in which Ecopetrol has been recognized internationally and encouraging mobility to transfer knowledge, promote professional development and break silos within the company.
  • Engaging talent: It involves offering an inclusive work environment that favors equal opportunities and the development of personality. It includes the implementation of programs that:
    • Promote the integration of personal and work life of employees to strengthen their quality of life and sense of belonging
    • Integrate the playful, physical and emotional dimensions that respond to a comprehensive vision of the person. It also implies guaranteeing the administration of benefits and health insurability.
  • Align talent: It is aimed at aligning behaviors in the appropriation of the culture model, contributing to the dissemination and internalization of the Code of Ethics and integrity behaviors at all levels of the organization and ensuring greater rigor in the application of management of change in organizational changes
  • Leading talent: Includes the definition and implementation of a collective leadership model that generates coherence in the way of exercising leadership and that is a dynamic engine of the organization. Likewise, it seeks to have a succession plan that allows Ecopetrol to anticipate future needs and cover critical positions, and development programs that allow anticipation of the talent needs required for the future.
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