Mar 29, 2022

Ecopetrol is committed to carrying out a Just Energy Transition framed in the respect of human rights (HHRR). The Company promotes among its partners, associates, and other actors with whom it has a contractual or commercial relationship, the respect for HHRR, especially within the framework of those activities that are carried out within Ecopetrol. 

The Company reaffirms its commitment to respect the HHRR established in the International Charter of Human Rights and in the International Labor Organization (ILO) Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, as well as the adherence to the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, the Ten Principles of the Global Compact, and the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises. 

Ecopetrol promotes the implementation of practices associated with diversity and inclusion, the equal enjoyment of rights, whilst encouraging environments free of violence, discrimination and sexual or workplace harassment, where all people feel welcome, valued, respected, and can deploy their full potentialregardless of their identity. 

Similarly, with the aim of contributing to the accomplishment of the Sustainable Development Goals, Ecopetrol is committed to the Paris Agreement and understands the importance of incorporating respect for HHRR in the energy transition process for climate change mitigation. Therefore, the Company is committed to develop scenarios for dialogue and participation with stakeholders in the prevention of possible impacts as well as the identification and implementation of opportunities and solutions to the environmental and social challenges. 



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Our Commitment

Ecopetrol Group´s Guide on Human Rights and Business was updated in 2021.

The Guide on Human Rights and Business reflects Ecopetrol Group's commitment to respecting and promoting Human Rights in the development of its activities and within the framework of its relations with stakeholders.

Through the Guide, Ecopetrol Group highlights its adherence to the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGP), the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact, and the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises. Also, its commitment to other national and international standards on Human Rights.

Six principles guide Ecopetrol's Human Rights integration in business practice:


  • Due diligence in HHRR: risks identification associated with human rights derived from business activities to prevent, mitigate, and if applicable, repair.
  • Cross-cutting nature: understanding of human rights as a cross-cutting issue for all stakeholders and Ecopetrol’s activities.
  • Complementarity: recognition of the role of the State in guaranteeing and respecting human rights and the complementary role of companies in respecting, advancing, and remediating in case of damage.
  • Collaborative work: articulation of Ecopetrol with the human rights integration in business practices carried out by public entities, private entities, and international organizations, among others.
  • Differential approach: respect for the rights of people who belong to groups or populations that may be particularly vulnerable to adverse impacts on their HHRR.
  • Monitoring and self-assessment: continuous improvement of assessments and monitoring of human rights practices.


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Ecopetrol encourages its business partners to operate respecting and advancing human rights, and in compliance with its Guide on Human Rights and Business.

Board and responsibilities:

Human Rights are overseen at the highest level in Ecopetrol. The Board of Directors, through the Corporate Governance and Sustainability Committee and the Audit and Risk Committee, regularly monitors the Company's Human Rights issues.

Senior Management at Ecopetrol Group is informed about Human Rights through the Executive Committee and the Steering Committee.

The Vice-Presidency for Corporate Affairs and General Counsel, through Corporate Responsibility, is responsible for HHRR governance at Ecopetrol.

All areas of Ecopetrol recognize and respect human rights. This converges, among other actions, in acting with due diligence, and in identifying, treating, and monitoring human rights risks in their dependencies, processes, and systems in charge.


Training in HHRR

Ecopetrol raises awareness and provides training in human rights. This ensures respecting and advancing human rights throughout its operations, supply chain, and other business relationships.

In the process of raising awareness and training in Human Rights, Ecopetrol has e-learning tools through which it helps workers understand how their commitment to respecting and promoting Human Rights should be implemented. The Virtual Course on Human Rights and Business, the Ethics Course, as well as other documents, policies, case of studies, and other resources, are available on Ecopetrol´s technological platforms.


Collaboration with national and international organizations


Complementary Content