Water management
Apr 30, 2020

Water is a vital resource for the development of Ecopetrol's operations, as well as for the communities in the areas where the Company carries out its activities. Ecopetrol's comprehensive water management aims to incorporate efficient water management in its value chain, to enable projects and operations, seeking Company sustainability, the reduction of environmental impacts and conflicts associated with water and water safety in the environment.

Operational efficiency in terms of water management

Through operational efficiency in this area, the Company seeks to implement comprehensive water management in its businesses, in order to generate value by enabling production and reserves, as well as to guarantee the availability and continuity of current and future water supply for projects and operations, considering the sustainability of water resources.

To consolidate all environmental information associated with the use and exploitation of this resource in the facilities and projects of direct operation, Ecopetrol uses the Water Information System “SIGAR-Aguas”. The data reported in this chapter includes all of Ecopetrol's direct operation segments including the Cartagena Refinery, CENIT Transportation Stations and Oleoducto de Colombia (ODC for its Spanish acronym), administrative buildings, local service centers and Ecopetrol's health centers.

In 2019 the total volume of water required to develop Ecopetrol's value chain activities was 143.35 million cubic meters. Of this volume, 61.9% (88.67 million cubic meters) came from reusing wastewater and production water, and 38.1% (54.68 million cubic meters) was collected from natural sources and aqueducts. Figure 80 shows this distribution.

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