This pillar seeks to strengthen transparent and ethical bonds of trust with the stakeholders with whom GE interacts, with high standards of corporate governance, to achieve environmentally responsible, safe and efficient operations in which innovation and technology act as a catalyst to accelerate solutions to future challenges. To this end, we have 5 strategic lines of action:

  • Build and generate value through efficient, clean and safe production,
  • Accelerate and prioritize decarbonization and energy efficiency.
  • Ensure circular water management
  • Support local development in the territories where we operate.
  • Generate trust in the social environment with proactive dialogue and improvement of the quality of life, with a focus on inclusion and dynamization of local economies.
  • In line with sosTECnibilidad's objectives, the 22 - 24 Plan (without ISA) includes investments of more than USD 1.4 billion in projects for circular water management, decarbonization, energy efficiency, use of alternative energy and sources, improvement in fuel quality, and studies and pilots of green and blue hydrogen for applications in refineries and mobility.

In this sense, the Plan has a clear focus on supporting the energy transition strategy, including the incorporation of renewable energy sources for self-consumption, taking advantage of wind, solar and geothermal energy technologies, strengthening socio-environmental investment programs, deepening the digital transformation and accelerating the development and implementation of technologies to optimize the operation throughout the chain. GE will increase its self-generation capacity with renewable energies in a range between 400 - 450 MW. 5


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