Community Preparation and Organization for Emergency Response
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Community Preparation and Organization for emergency response

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Socially Responsible Operation

Community Preparation and Organization for Emergency Response

Last updated Nov 23, 2014
In order to prevent the occurrence of operations contingencies and to be prepared if they arise, Ecopetrol undertakes the Risk management program  that seeks to ensure the adequate prevention and response to risks to the community, arising from the presence of corporate operations in the territories. The program is undertaken in partnership with territorial entities, the environmental authority and the community, and has the following main objectives:
  1. Strengthening local authorities, regional authorities and the community in land use planning from the perspective of Risk Management.
  2. Strengthening of the Local Committees in Disaster Prevention and Response, as well as the aid agencies attached to it, in order to improve the emergency response capacity.
  3. Strengthening the response capacity of the community through ongoing processes of community education on risk management.
  4. Awareness rising for communities and local authorities on the protection of their environment and the conservation of natural resources.
  5. Establishment of communication channels between the company, local authorities and the community, to help reduce levels of risk and social conflict in relation to the oil operation.