Prior Consultations
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Ethnic Groups

Prior Consultations

Last updated Nov 25, 2014

Ecopetrol undertakes all its consultation processes in strict compliance with the following stages:

  • Prior approach and assessment: Aimed at mutual understanding and building trust between the company and ethnic communities.
  • Official verification of the presence of indigenous communities and legally constituted territories: This stage is under the responsibility of the competent governmental authorities (the Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Justice, and the Colombian Institute for Rural Development).
  • Establishment of the prior consultation - information and training: This is a formal act by which the Government, which is responsible for coordinating prior consultations, formally declares the commencement of the process and the appropriate training is carried out for ethnic communities on the consultation´s formal issues as well as the technical, environmental and social aspects of the project, work or activity to be carried out.
  • Identification, analysis and coordination of impacts and management and control measures: Based on the phases and in particular the activities of the project, the impacts and respective management and monitoring measures are identified and coordinated, in a participatory and didactic manner.
  • Internal reflection meeting: A space that encourages ethnic communities to, independently and free from external interference, reflect on the project, its impacts and the management and control measures identified.
  • Preliminary agreements meeting: At this stage, agreements are reached between the ethnic community consulted and the company in order to undertake the project in their territory.
  • Formalization meeting: The formal act by which the definitive agreements between the company and the ethnic community consulted are formalized within a record.
  • Monitoring and support for the execution of agreements: Stage during which the competent authority, the Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Justice or the Ministry of Environment, Housing and Territorial Development, (in the event of projects that require an environmental license) verify compliance with the agreements established in the prior consultation formalization record. Typically, monitoring is carried out during the execution of the technical project.
  • Closing of the consultation process: This is done once the technical project is concluded and the agreements made in the consultation formalization record are fully complied with. Through a record, the parties declare each other free of liability; in other words, that all commitments have been satisfactorily fulfilled by both parties.

From the beginning of the prior consultation and until its closing, the process is accompanied by the State supervisory and control bodies.

In 2011, 53 prior consultation processes were taken forward as part of the undertaking of eight exploration projects and one electrical interconnection project in the Northeast of Putumayo. Some of the prior consultations began in 2010 and others had not ended by the end of the year.

Projects with prior consultation

Prior consultations initiated in 2009 or 2010 and closed in 2011
No. Project Ethnic Community Municipality / Department Start date End
1 CPE-2 Seismic Acquisition Project Gavilán La Pascua Reserve La Primavera Vichada October 2009 April 2011
2 CPO-8 Seismic Acquisition Project Iwiwi Reserve Puerto Gaitán, Meta January 2010 June 2011
3 SSJN-4 Seismic Acquisition Project 3 black communities and 5 indigenous Zenú tribes Department of Sucre November 2009 July 2011
Prior consultations initiated in 2009/2010, which continued in 2011 and have not been closed, expected to continue in 2012
No. Project Ethnic Community Municipality / Department Start date End date
4 Northeast Putumayo Electrical Interconnection Nasa Community Puerto Caicedo, Putumayo June 2009 Ongoing
5 Silvestre 2D Seismic Acquisition Project 217 Wayúu communities Riohacha Guajira November 2010 Ongoing
Prior consultations initiated in 2011 and ongoing in 2012
No. Project Ethnic Community Municipality / Department Start date End date
6 CPE-4 Seismic Acquisition Project 8 Indigenous Sikuani Tribes Cumaribo, Vichada July 2011 Ongoing
7 RC-9 Exploratory Drilling Area 105 Wayúu communities Manaure, Guajira July 2011 Ongoing
8 Toldado 3D Seismic Acquisition Project 8 Pijao indigenous communities Ortega, Tolima August 2011 Ongoing
9 RC-11 and 12 Exploratory Drilling Area 39 Wayúu communities Uribia, Guajira November 2011 Ongoing