Dialogue and Participation
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Society and Community

Dialogue and Participation Information

Last updated Nov 23, 2014

In terms of relations with communities, Ecopetrol aims to:

Strengthen relationships of shared responsibility based on dialogue and participation.

In its relations, Ecopetrol starts from the recognition of the different interests and expectations of society and the community, with the aim of building consensus through open, honest and transparent dialogue. Consequently, work is done to:

  • Study the territories systematically, through baseline social and environmental studies, characterization of communities, and the identification of local stakeholders and how they interact.
  • Build relationships of trust based on transparent and consistent actions, in accordance with the principles set out in the Code of Ethics and the Corporate Governance Code.
  • Create and maintain citizen participation bodies, in accordance with current legislation, ensuring that the process is free, prior and informed.
  • Establish formal and continuous mechanisms for social dialogue.
  • Assume viable and verifiable commitments, taking into account the interests and expectations of communities, as well as the principles, corporate policies and strategic objectives of the company.
  • Establish participatory mechanisms for monitoring and compliance for the company´s statutory and voluntary commitments.
  • Inform, communicate and provide account of business activities of public interest, the degree of compliance with statutory and voluntary agreements entered into by the company, the social and environmental impacts of its activities, and the outcomes and impacts of social and environmental management.